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Meet our Team


Dana Sims

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

I’m the CEO and founder of Head 2 Toe Change, LLC which is a private healthcare membership association. We consults, coach, teach and assist clients with consistent lifestyle changes for a better quality of life, young and old. After you receive the results from your Hair and Tissue Mineral Analysis, Dr. Gloria Gilbere will provide a full detailed explanation of your results and recommendations will be included as well. Thereafter, Head 2 Toe offers a 6 week or 12 week educational tool kit to provide you with the necessary tools to get your new journey started.


Bachelors of Science in Science - K-8

Masters of Arts in Special Education - K -12


Cornell University Plant-Based Certified Nutrition

Certified Wholistic Rejuvenist


Kim O'Neal

Kim O'Neal, COO, began as a ginuea pig, and best friend to owner Dana Sims. With her every step of the way willing to take a leap out on faith the two ladies established Head 2 Toe Change LLC as a unit to help assist in bettering your life through true change. "This program changed my life, and it changes others as well. There is so much benefit to eating this way and it's not just about eating or losing weight, it is such a lifestyle change."  

Chief Operating Officer

Organic Vegetables
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Harvest 2 Table Farm School

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